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The MES group combines software solutions for graphical planning, operational data acquisition, quality management, energy data management, time recording and access control, thus paving the way to the digital factory.

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Thanks to its modular design, the BDE system can be quickly and easily adapted to current operational situations and put into operation. In addition, there are no unnecessary costs due to unused system components. The modular expansion stages grow with the company and offer the possibility of integrating further functionalities and operational areas at any time and gradually incorporating them.

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QUIPSY® CAQ can be easily integrated into an existing IT infrastructure and can be easily connected to existing ERP or MDA/ODA systems. The software has a modular structure and can be easily expanded at any time. The QUIPSY® CAQ system includes, for example, modules for FMEA, CPL, initial sampling, inspection planning, SPC, test equipment management, complaints processing, goods receipt and supplier evaluation.

MES Group

Leader in the plastics and metal industries

To allow you to react flexibly to changes in job and production planning, you need what was formerly referred to as the production control console and is now called MES. In order to function properly, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) needs to be connected to an ODA system. Systems such as PPS or ERP primarily cover the management level but hardly meet the needs of the executive level, which results in an information gap. Manufacturing Execution Systems are therefore positioned between ERP and Production, reliably closing this gap. The MES system is a manufacturing management system which allows real-time monitoring of production.

Transparency, reliability and flexibility

Systems which meet the requirements of the plastics and metal industry must harmonise with the IT landscape and communicate with each other. It is therefore essential to consider these points when purchasing ODA and MES systems. Often, there is a combination of different IT fields. For this reason, the software for tracking of working hours needs to communicate with the accounting and quality management systems in order to ensure that relevant information on products and goods in the production plant arrives at the same time as the product reaches their place of use. For example, data from the administration department for quality assurance and on the basis of which quality inspection of the product is performed. Or relevant information on job status such as “Quality OK.” The administration department needs such information immediately in order to identify possible delays and to find a timely solution for any problems. When the components of a system harmonise with each other, we refer to an “adequate depth of integration.”

Know-how for your future – MES Solutions

MES solutions is your IT centre. The companies in this group supply all the IT tools you require for integrated industrial processes. If you would like to find out how you can optimise processes and integrate them more effectively and what tools you require to do this, you will find the answers and the right contact persons within the MES Group. The Group convinces with production, time and quality data management from leading suppliers.

The task of the software producers is to link up solutions adjacent to the system via interfaces. This is the only way to ensure that users have a uniform and correct data base. Technically, this is achieved with modular ODA and MES systems which link IT systems via interfaces. The investment required for the introduction of these systems is considerably lower. Moreover, they can be connected to existing infrastructures. The MES Group covers the following areas:


– Production data management and Operation Data Acquisition (ODA)

– Time recording (PZE)

– Quality data management (CAQ)

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